Chocolat Wisdom

Keep Going!

A long time ago, there was a blind clockmaker. While he was building the clock, his only son went off to war and died in battle. Through his grief, he continued building the clock. When the clock was unveiled, the second hand surprisingly turned counterclockwise and the clock was measuring time backwards. The crowd was shocked and the clockmaker revealed that he wished that time move backwards so that the events of the war could be reversed and that all the soldiers who died can return to their families…

This story was reminisced by Daisy from The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and is also an inspiration for my post today.

What is your dream? 

We dream of being part of something greater than us; yet the external forces “are” always greater than we think, and it is so easy to emit thoughts of fear or doubts. Sometimes we even scare ourselves by comparing our beginnings to others’ success, but we must remember that every one has a humble beginning, and even if you may have to start all over , it just means that you experience more facets of life, and it is never a bad thing… in fact, “wisdom comes by suffering”, so it is beneficial in the long run since you become wise beyond your years – keep faith my friend! 🙂

Winnie’s Ark

I find that clock akin to looking at life upside-down. In that case, our perspective might change completely, even though the physical surroundings are exactly the same as when you are looking at it from an upright position. Sometimes you think you hit a dead end, but you are actually being guided to something greater, something more passionate to you…and that your life goes forward in a much deeper level!

Life is a curious case, keep going! This is a wonderful time to learn, to explore, to test out things, to make mistakes, to improve… to really get to know about yourself, and to curate a way that does work for you – I think this is the reason why we started and live our life! if you are lucky, you may even stumble upon some of the most wonderful things and people in your life. 

Cheers! 😀




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