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Glow your skin, Glow your life

Happy Earth Day everyone! May our world grow into a place of compassion without boundaries! Let’s share Mother Nature with a little more love and respect!

In my opinion, this goal is not hard to achieve at all, and the secret is to start with loving ourselves, through increasing our positive energy and glowing our life! Once we understand what love feels like through true self care, we want people (and animals) around us to feel the same too, for example, by speaking of love and doing acts of kindness. As you respect and care for yourself, you live a longer, happier and healthier life, and that will have a positive ripple effect to benefit others as well! 😀


I like to think of glowing my life starts with glowing my skin, since skincare is one of my passions. Although this is a very small step, it counts! When I visualize myself to have glowing and flawless skin one day, I am more motivated to take good care of myself: excising, detoxing, eating better, getting a good night’s sleep, and doing a thorough skincare routine!

Lately I have discovered a secret that seemed to help keep my skin clear, smooth and hydrated during the season change – a DIY oil mist! This is a 7:3 ratio of my Rose water toner and my Vitamin E facial oil  mixed in a fine mist spray bottle. The double-layer structure meets the oil and moisture balance of the skin, it consists of the benefits of both the rose water (deep hydration) and the vitamin E oil (antioxidant) without making my skin look greasy. It is also a portable way to re-hydrate the skin on the go!

This is just my beginning to a better skin care. Doing something that makes me happy boosts my positive energy throughout the day. Likewise, if we allow others to just do what they love to do, then they will share positive energy as well. We are free to do anything that makes us happy, do you have any secret weapons to raise your vibes?

Cheers! 😀

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