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The Art of Latte, The Pursuit of Perfection


If you work with your hands, you’re a laborer.
If you work with your hands and your mind, you’re a craftsman.
If you work with your hands and your mind and your heart, you’re an artist.
~ Saint Francis of Assisi

Dear Friends, have you ever tasted a cup of cappuccino with its art stay untamed even after you finished? I consider this finding as the utmost customer care that I could receive in any coffee shop experience.

The art of latte, the pursuit of perfection… welcome to Ogawa Coffee!

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Born in Kyoto in 1952, Ogawa Coffee opened their first International location in Boston last year because of the feeling like home – the cities are similarly sized, rich in history, and have large college-age populations (source). One particular discovery in Ogawa Coffee is the stadium seating – sitting on the top row is like Rose spreading her “wings” at the front of Titanic – a sensation that the sky is the only limit! 🚀

ogawa coffee
Oasis! (source)

I admit that I have a soft spot for oriental culture, yet I decided to write about Ogawa Coffee mainly due to their success – around 120,000 visits within their first year of the business (source). This is truly an inspiration to any start-up, especially when the competition in the coffee industry is so apparent in that area, and because of that, I am even more intrigued to learn the secret behind! From time to time, I would take the train and visit this shop purposefully and just to observe how the baristas work…eventually this idea crystallized on the evening of their ever so popular Latte Art Class – it is the modesty and sincerity that they possess, that drive them to work as a team, to cultivate a harmonious and encouraging work environment, and to share this warmth to their customers, which in turn, to elevate their company performance, day by day!

Prior to the Latte Art Class, I obtained the permission to share some class photos. If you are seeking a place of serenity out of a hectic schedule, please consider a sip at Ogawa Coffee… relax, refuel, and rejoice… as a cup of coffee can make the world a better place! ☕️

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Cheers! 😀

P.S. Music: “Japan”, by Jan A.P. Kaczmarek, from the movie “Hachi: A Dog’s Tale”


(Disclaimer: This article is not sponsored by Ogawa Coffee, and is intended to be a general resource only. Unless otherwise cited, all opinions/ recommendations are based on personal experiences.)



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