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Where Tango Meets Bias Cut


Tango is a passionate dance, and elegance should always be on your mind, when dancing, and also when you choose your outfit. You should aim to look good and at the same time be able to move and feel comfortable while dancing.

When tango was born it was customary that women wore long skirts. That style was adopted in tango as well. As time went by, they started making openings on skirts and dresses in order to have a wider range of movement. Nowadays it is usual to wear all lengths of skirts, as long as movement is allowed: from long skirts with openings to really short skirts and dresses. Tango dresses often have asymmetrical hemlines and are adorned with fringes and crochet applications. The tops normally show cleavage and are very sensual. It is also usual to see clothes made with modern materials, like lycras and other stretch fabrics that allow clothes with a comfortable fit and stylish look. (source)

The Tango Lady (source)

Bias Cut

Bias Cut gowns have long been thought of as the most unforgiving dress or gown style ever created. This is unfortunate, because the style was actually designed so that fabric, draped to match the curves of the female form, would echo the grace of motion regardless of figure. Hollywood’s top costume designers and female stars of the 1930’s took this style to the pinnacle of achievement and its has never been rivaled.

French designer Madeleine Vionnet created the style in the 1920’s, revolutionizing how women wore and thought about clothes, and by extension how they thought about their bodies. Vionnet became known as “the queen of the bias cut” and is noted as saying, “when a woman smiles, then her dress should smile too”. The bias cut is a design technique where cloth is cut diagonal to the grain of the fabric, enabling it to cling to the body during movement. The cut created a sleek flattering look and had women throwing off their corsets and anything else that distorted the natural female shape. The feminine form was finally allowed to show its natural curves and to step out from behind male dictated beauty standards. This was a powerful statement of liberation, on par with the bob hair cut. Women could take pride in their figures and flaunt their sexuality if they desired. (source)

The “Atonement” Bias Cut Dress

Tango Meets Bias Cut

Chocolat Couture is positioned as a humble student in haute couture. We embrace meticulous research and refinement in pursuit of personalized bias cut tango-inspired dresses. “You are perfect just the way you are” is our motto, our vision is to help women find their best versions, and to help create a community of love without boundaries. With the combination of “bias cut” and “tango-inspired”, their dresses would be able to create an illusion of curves for every woman, as well as to bring out their femininity effortlessly.

Please stay tuned for our summer breeze 2016 collection!

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