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Summer Breeze 2016 – Part 1

Dear Friends,

Happy Summer! Chocolat Couture is thrilled to announce a new collection of dresses this summer – pullover “qipao” dresses. These dresses are still bias cut and tango-inspired (learn more here), yet, this collection is mainly influenced by the philosophy of  Chinese Qipao (旗袍), which incorporate sophisticated details within simple styles.


Simplicity is the characteristic of Qipao when compared to other dress styles. In fact, simplicity also reflects in Chinese brush paining, in which the white space is emphasized to represent the artistic conception or energy (i.e. Wu Wei , 無爲 — the action of non-action). Learning about this, I decided that I could use this idea in my designs as a self reminder.

artistic conception of the pond —  “less is more” (source)

“Summer Breeze” is an indication of being more laid back. When I was sketching the designs, I imaged myself relaxing at a hammock in Maldives. Maldives means traveling, and speaking of traveling, it is better to travel light. Unlike my previous designs, these dresses are unlined, but can pair with a dress slip for added opacity. This unique feature adds versatility for the whole dress – besides acting as a casual/formal pullover dress, the dress shell can serve as the swimsuit cover, the slip also can serve as a simple night gown.

The Maldives hammock scene in my dreams  (source)… a girl can dream!

Below is my first design, featuring a cowl neck and a drop waist skirt style. A drop waist style is common in the 1920s. It is a low, horizontal waistline that usually falls near the level of the upper hips. A drop waist can balance the upper and lower bodies, and add to the visual impression of height by lengthening the torso! The armhole bindings are in solid color like that of Qipao. This time, I spoiled myself with one of the pre-order digital nuance silk/rayon fabrics (the second one). Thanks to the rayon contents in the fabric, the cutting and sewing process was indeed like a breeze, and the result is very elegant to me as well.


The slip is a simple style with adjustable shoulder strap and decorated lace trim. The slip is made of 100% Rayon Bemberg fabric in terracotta color, also cut in bias for flattering fit. Rayon Bemberg is static free, with a lightweight, fluid hand and it breathes very well, making it an ideal for hot and humid climate.


As always, these dresses and slips are finished with french seams and bound edges for extended lifespan.

The french seams inside the slip

Please feel free to visit our store for these two new items. You could purchase them separately or as a whole at a reduced price. I will slowly put up the remaining designs to the store before summer ends! Please sign up for our mailing list for new inspirations! Thank you in advance!


Cheers! 😀





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