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Introducing Orchid 2- the end of summer dress

Hello everyone, Happy September! How time flies! I hope you all had a great summer,  as the fall season is coming, we will be incorporating more fall colors into our next dresses. Please stay tuned!

Today, I would like to introduce our third dress in the current collection, the “Orchid 2“.


The fabric I used is fabric #7, glittery silver cloud polyester. This fabric is opaque, so you don’t have to pair it with a slip underneath. As much as I appreciate silks and other finer materials, this type of polyester travels very easily, dries quickly, and takes up minimal luggage space and weight when rolled up.


Like the last design, this dress has an elasticized waist (thus perfect for traveling and eating). You can also adjust the skirt length ~2 inches just by tucking in more or less. I think it is the perfect blend of masculine and feminine detailing: One of the most feminine touches to any look is a bow. The “sleeves” is a small twist take on the traditional rolled sleeves. I also shortened the skirt to make it look more like a mini skirt, and in turn to create an illusion of a slender body.  All these small details can make any outfit look subtly flirty, girly, and fun!

bow neckline
mini skirt style

With it being sleeveless-like, I could wear it as it is, or with a cardigan, or with a sweater or top underneath. This dress is perfect for a brunch date with the girls or to grab cocktails with friends. Pair it with the perfect sandals or heels and the perfect summer bag, and you have the perfect end of season look! Please feel free to order yours in our online store, we offer free custom sizes for all orders!



Cheers! 😀

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