About Linda

I am a very petite person, I originally started sewing as a way to create garments that fit my body and an excuse to explore and learn more about fabric and garment construction. The beauty of sewing for myself is that, I eventually fell in love with pattern design and fabric manipulation! I constantly update my knowledge by taking classes, reading books and blogs in this field, as well as learning from lots of trials and errors.

Sewing has become second nature to me, eventually I discovered that Argentine Tango is also like a meditation. In tango, there is always more to learn, refine, nuances to adopt, to respond to, to discover within. I feel myself most graceful when I am truly in tune with the leader and the music while looking my best!

I find that tango styles have a way to shape a woman body so that she feels more feminine herself and to others; I also find it very empowering to have garments without alternations fitted perfectly to my body, so I decided to share this satisfactory feeling to every of my clients! As a result, I am motivated to combine my two passions – Chocolat Couture was born!

What I enjoy the most as a seamstress is the rewarding feeling of seeing a product go from concept to development. Doing what I love makes me feel balanced, and has allowed me to savor my femininity. I hope that this place will help women around the globe to embrace the emergence of their inner beauty as well!


About the Boutique

Chocolat Couture is positioned as a humble student in haute couture. We embrace meticulous research and refinement in pursuit of personalized bias cut tango-inspired dresses. “You are perfect just the way you are” is our motto, our vision is to help women find their best versions, and to help create a community of love without boundaries. With the combination of “bias cut” and “tango-inspired”, our dresses would be able to create an illusion of curves for every woman, as well as to bring out their femininity effortlessly.


About the Fabrics

We work hard to find the finest quality fabrics from different suppliers so that we can have a diverse selection. Texture, surface interest and drape is what we focus when sourcing our couture fabrics. We constantly source innovative printed fabrics and unorthodox solid fabrics; our printed fabrics gear towards being nature inspired & cheerful (bright color). Although not listed in our fabric page, please feel free to let us know if you would like certain designs made in solid colors of your desire!

To minimize shrinkage and fading problems in a completed garment, we have pre-washed all our fabrics with this all-natural detergent and drops of white distilled vinegar prior to sewing. You could dry clean or hand wash your dresses following these instructions, you could also choose the “delicate/silk” function in your washing machine and air them dry. Best to iron the dress while it is damp and on the reverse side.

The goal to start this boutique was to fill a need in the current women’s fashion market, so we are definitely taking requests and suggestions seriously and keeping them in mind when we are sourcing new fabrics!