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Introducing Orchid 2- the end of summer dress

Hello everyone, Happy September! How time flies! I hope you all had a great summer,  as the fall season is coming, we will be incorporating more fall colors into our next dresses. Please stay tuned! Today, I would like to introduce our third dress in the current collection, the “Orchid 2“. The fabric I used is… Continue reading Introducing Orchid 2- the end of summer dress

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Introducing Plum Blossom – A very feminine Shirt-dress

Hello, I would like to share with you a very soft and flowy shirt-dress from the Summer Breeze 2016 collection. Like the previous design, this dress can serve as two outfits (dress/ coverup). The dress demo is made from a “silk-like” polyester crinkle chiffon in Fuchsia color. A more luxury version for this dress can be made from the rose/marine iridescent silk… Continue reading Introducing Plum Blossom – A very feminine Shirt-dress

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Summer Breeze 2016 – Part 1

Dear Friends, Happy Summer! Chocolat Couture is thrilled to announce a new collection of dresses this summer – pullover “qipao” dresses. These dresses are still bias cut and tango-inspired (learn more here), yet, this collection is mainly influenced by the philosophy of  Chinese Qipao (旗袍), which incorporate sophisticated details within simple styles. Simplicity is the characteristic of Qipao when compared to other dress styles. In fact, simplicity… Continue reading Summer Breeze 2016 – Part 1

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Introducing “Carnation” – nurturing the tenderest love!

Hello Friends! Hope things are going fine with you all! Happy Summer (or Happy Winter to our Southern Hemisphere friends)! This post is dedicated to my parents, especially my mother:  We did not have much growing up materially, but we have our mother’s love and dedication, and to be honest, this is far more important… When we were little,… Continue reading Introducing “Carnation” – nurturing the tenderest love!

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Introducing “Orchid” – my tango Kimono

People, especially children, can be described being either “dandelions” or “orchids” in response to their adaption beyond nature vs. nurture. “Most people are considered to be dandelions in that they are not overly affected by their settings including whether they are facing adversity or are being praised. Orchids are more sensitive, and in keeping with the metaphor,… Continue reading Introducing “Orchid” – my tango Kimono