Hello Friends, Happy Year of the Rooster 🐓 2017!!! 😀

Please find our current stock fabric below! – last update: January 28, 2017

100% Silk or Polyester Chiffon, lined with China Silk (Habotai). Create your softest look with our high quality chiffon:



100% Polyester or Rayon/Poly blend, opaque. Our drapey solid fabric has either silver shimmer or golden shine, ideal for exquisite work dresses:



Picasso Poplin Print, 100% Viscose, opaque. Available for partial-lined in the bodice or fully-lined with China Silk (Habotai). This lightweight fabric is a happy medium between the luxurious silk and the absorbent cotton, great for hot and humid climate:



Pre-order Available: Digital Nuance Print, Rayon/Silk blend, lined with China Silk (Habotai). Excellent self-pampering treatment:

Background of Digital Print Fabric: In comparison to the traditional form of textile printing which relies on silk-screens (and tedious work), digital textile printing allows for a seamlessly repeated pattern which offers more color variants. This means more shading, more gradients, and a richer variety of color, allowing these prints to really pop with clarity (Source). The two selections above are examples of the shading variations, such that the grayish “stain spots” in the photos appear transparent in the fabrics, allowing the lining colors be reflected more vividly and in an interesting way. This combination creates a “depth feeling” for the fabric. I think this type of fabrics is like a metaphor for life: the difficulties in your life (“stain spots”) don’t come to destroy you, but to help you realize your hidden potential (lining color of your choice)! 🙂


Pre-order Available: 100% Pure Natural Mulberry Silk Chiffon, lined with China Silk (Habotai). Excellent self-pampering treatment:

Background of Mulberry Silk: Mulberry silk is the highest quality silk available for purchase. The unique thing about Mulberry silk is how it is produced. Mulberry silk has its history in China, where local farmers grow mulberry leaves for silkworms to feed on. The resulting cocoons are spun into raw Mulberry silk fibers. Because the silkworms of the Bombyx mori moth are fed only mulberry leaves, the resulting silk is some of the finest available in the world. One of the unique benefits of Mulberry Silk is that it is 100% natural, odorless and hypoallergenic. Mulberry silk contains a natural protein called sercine that reduces the possibility of an allergic reaction. (source)