Hello Friends! I realized that I could use this blog to empower the readers to transform their lives, reclaim their gifts, and flourish in every way! 🙂

I came from a background where I felt stressful with my last career, and have become more understanding of people who could have been in the same situation like me. I realized that we could let go of this pressure through pursuing something quiet and peaceful (i.e. nature, gardening, and art…etc.). Since I am more of an indoor type of girl, I consider art as my primary source to create emotional balance. Art has a very special healing effect in my life, through pursuing my artistic endeavor, I have profoundly appreciated that, it is never too late to learn, never too late to be what you might have been! 🙂

Here I would like to share my all-time favorites and hope that you would enjoy as much as I do!

yao cheng

Watercolor – Yao is famous for her simple flora. She is good at capturing the energy and life of the flora within a bouquet. Her style is unique and definite. You could learn how she accomplishes her style from this watercolor series. From her, I have learned to define myself in a group and to trust myself. I hope this also encourages you to step out of your comfort zone and discover what style works best on you.

cap gown

Sewing – To be honest, I didn’t start sewing until after I graduated from college. My determination to learn to sew all credited to my mother, who was able to create this adorable cap and gown for my Teddy bear. This sewing magazine  has provided me lots of knowledge and inspirations to strengthen my skills, and I would like to share to you as well. It also has beautiful garment projects that take less than 3 hours each – great start!!


When you become more confident of your sewing skills, you would be able to create this chic leather bucket bag!


Cheers! 😀

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